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Face Lift in Philadelphia

Looking youthful is always a good thing. It's a matter of time before evidence of the years shows up on your face in the form of sagging, wrinkled skin under the eyes, on the cheeks, and along the jaw line. Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers are effective to a point but often it makes more sense to choose a surgical solution. Dr. Mark Solomon, a board-certified plastic surgeon, helps Philadelphia residents look more attractive and feel more confident with face lift surgery.

Improvements from Philadelphia Face Lift Surgery

Many women and men, usually in their 40s to 70s, choose face lift cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of the face - from the area under the eyes to the neck. This procedure, technically called rhytidectomy, is most effective if you have good skin elasticity and a well-defined bone structure. Benefits include:

  • Smoothing out wrinkled, sagging skin on the cheeks and jaw line
  • Elevating heavy cheeks and nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Resolving droopy lower eyelids
  • Sculpting the jaw line

In addition to the traditional face lift procedure, Dr. Solomon offers the less invasive "short scar" face lift, also called the S-lift or mini-lift. This variation, which does not improve sagging jowls, involves shorter incisions. It is quicker and less invasive than a traditional face lift, and patients usually require less down time.

During your private consultation, Dr. Solomon will ask you about your areas of concern and desired improvements, and will recommend a treatment plan tailored to you. Many Philadelphia plastic surgery patients appreciate a more comprehensive improvement achieved by combining face lift with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as brow lift or eyelid surgery.

Procedure & Recovery

Dr. Solomon performs face lift surgery either as an outpatient procedure with sedation or under general anesthesia, whichever method meets your unique needs. The traditional procedure takes about two to three hours to perform, but the length of surgery will increase if a face lift is combined with other procedures.

For the first few days after your face lift in Philadelphia, you will need to rest with your head elevated to minimize swelling and bruising. You should be able to resume non-strenuous activities, including work, within ten to fourteen days after your surgery. Patients often have bruising and skin discoloration for about four to six weeks, which in most cases can be concealed with makeup.

To facilitate the healing process and reduce swelling and bruising, we offer facial lymphatic massage after your face lift surgery and as part of the first few follow up visits. Ask Dr. Solomon or his office staff for more details.


Growing older is a natural part of life, but plastic surgery enables Philadelphia residents to age more beautifully. Face lift surgery will not make you look like someone else, but it will make you look more rested and vibrant for your age. Your new enhanced look can boost your self-esteem, helping you live your life to the fullest with confidence.

Find Out More

Are you ready to find out if face lift surgery is right for you? Request a consultation online with board-certified plastic surgeon Mark P. Solomon, MD, FACS, or call his office near Philadelphia at 610-667-7070.

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