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Calf Enhancement

In our world today, physical appearance is extremely important. An attractive physical appearance can make people more confident and self-assured. One of the most popular ways that people try to improve their physical appearance and musculature is by going to the gym. But for some people, no matter how often they exercise or how many weights they lift, their muscles just never seem to fill out they way that they would have liked. Two of the muscles that are most resistant to exercise are the calves and the pectoral muscles of the chest.

People with well-developed calves probably never notice them that much. But for people with underdeveloped muscles in this area, they are all too noticeable, even to the point of wearing pants to 'cover up' puny calves even when it's hot outside. For patients with small or underdeveloped calf muscles, Dr. Mark Solomon performs calf muscle enhancement cosmetic surgery in Philadelphia.

Calf Implants

Calf implants are used to augment underdeveloped calves, or calves that are deformed due to injury of some type. The implants are made of silicone, are customized to fit each patient's aesthetic goals and are not subject to leakage, making them extremely safe. Calf implants are suitable for both men and women.

The Procedure

Dr. Solomon provides each of his patients with a customized, individual consultation. During the consultation, patients express their aesthetic goals and expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Dr. Solomon will answer any questions that you may have, and the size and placement of the implants will be determined.

During surgery, Dr. Solomon makes a small incision behind each knee. Incisions are made so as to result in minimal scarring. Dr. Solomon then makes an incision in the fascia (the muscle cover), which is where the implant will go. After surgery, many of Dr. Solomon's patients are able to resume their normal routines in about two weeks. Patients may need help with walking for the first few days.


As with all surgeries, calf enhancement comes with some risks. These include bruising, swelling, pain and infection. Fortunately, complications are rare and can be easily controlled with medications in most cases.

Dr. Solomon's patients have been extremely happy with the outcome of their procedures. Patients experience a renewed sense of self-confidence and an enhanced self-image, allowing them to lead happier lives.

Find Out More

Are you ready to find out more about calf enhancement cosmetic surgery in Philadelphia? Request a consultation online with board-certified plastic surgeon Mark P. Solomon, MD, FACS, or call his Philadelphia office at 610-667-7070 or at 347-922-8882.

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